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Sleeper Sofas

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  1. Cortex BAZALT Leather Sectional Sleeper Sofa
    Special Price $3,555.00 Regular Price $4,099.00
  2. Cortex TIVOLI Leather Sectional Sleeper Sofa, Right Corner
    Special Price $3,899.00 Regular Price $4,199.00
  3. Cortex MONERO XL Sectional Sofa
    As low as $3,399.00
  4. Cortex ALADINO European Full XL Size Wall Bed
    Special Price $3,436.00 Regular Price $3,536.00
  5. Cortex Neron Sleeper Sectional Sofa, Right Facing Chaise
  6. Cortex AMADEO Mini Sectional Sleeper Sofa
    As low as $3,650.00
  7. Cortex Leonardo Sectional Sleeper Sofa, Gray
    As low as $3,699.00
  8. Cortex LIA Sectional Sleeper Sofa, Universal Corner
    Special Price $3,799.00 Regular Price $4,099.00
  9. Cortex LEVIO Sectional Sleeper Sofa
    As low as $3,899.00
  10. Cortex SANDI Sectional Sleeper Sofa
    As low as $3,699.00
  11. Cortex Mena Sectional Sleeper Sofa
    As low as $3,699.00
  12. Cortex TIMOLA XL Sleeper Sectional Sofa
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Sofas come in a large variety of seating and design options and sleeper sofas are one of the well-received options you have for a living room setup. Sleeper sofa is a great way to add to the comfort value of your living area.

With Creative Furniture, you get the authentic and characteristic styles of sleeper sofa topped up with trending designs. We have a wide range of modern sleeper sofa to fit in different user preferences, utility orders, and domestic arrangements. We promote new craft and always look for innovative ways to add attraction and utility value to modern homes and this gets us to bring you the most interesting options of contemporary sofa sets.

Designed to serve the finest of laid-back styling traits, expect them to alter the tone of your living space. Our lavish stock of sleeper sofa units includes the finest of options in the segment – served by the most sought-after labels in the category. We have hundreds of different options to go for in modern sleeper sofa, mid-century sleeper sofa, mid-century modern sleeper sofa, contemporary sleeper sofa, modern sectional sleeper sofa, and complementing furnishing units and accents and wall décor to assure you great time relaxing and unwinding at home.