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  1. American Leather Ada Recliner, Heaven Heritage Leather Upholstered
    As low as $4,149.00
  2. American Leather Adley Recliner, Heaven Heritage Leather
    As low as $4,399.00
  3. American Leather Brandt Comfort Sleeper, Leather
    As low as $7,449.00
  4. American Leather Rogue Sofa Sleeper, Leather G1
    As low as $7,399.00
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Modern Living Room Furniture

The living room is where you spend most time of your day. It has to be a place that treats you well. The feel and the spirit of a living space should be such that suits your idea of comfort and lifestyle.

At Creative Furniture, we put together a hand-picked range of living room furniture serving different interior and comfort choices. Our contemporary living room furniture range covers a broad perspective of furnishing utility and décor, serving different purposes, preferences, and needs.

Contemporary Living Room Furniture

We are among the leading living room furniture stores, featuring a complete range of home styling and furnishing supplies. With us, you can select from a lavish array of sofa, recliners, sleeper sofas, sectionals, tables, dining layouts, benches, organizers, wall mounts, centerpieces, vases, and curios, in a broad variety of styles and designs – across a fine assortment of products served by leading brands.